Upshot features interviews with some of the world's best compound and recurve archers in all target archery disciplines. In addition to the in-depth interviews, Upshot also covers shooting technique, equipment tuning, and other tips to improve your scores.

Your host

Tim Wilson is an experienced podcaster who works in educational technology when not at the archery range. He got into archery after hanging around at the range while his son was at JOAD practice and realizing that shooting a bow is a lot more fun than watching someone else shoot a bow.


Upshot is made on a Mac using Adobe Audition. Interviews are recorded over Skype with the Call Recorder plugin. All other audio is recorded with Audio Hijack Pro. Tim's microphone is an Electro-Voice RE20 connected to the Mac via FireWire using an M-Audio ProFire 610.


The Upshot theme music is sampled with permission from I Am Yours by Seventh Hour. Check them out and buy the track on iTunes.